Pottery Workshops


The bright and airy workshop offers respite from the Puglian heat or shelter in inclement weather.


Enthusiasts and first timers are equally welcome to enjoy and create. From learning to throw to sculpting in clay, I provide both the technical expertise needed and a glass or two of prosecco when you're finished!


Many past students have found a 2/3 hour morning session enough to produce a variety of pieces each, whilst others found it only served to whet their appetite and returned for more.


The pottery has 3 wheels for throwing (2 powered, 1 kick), 2 kilns and plenty of workshop space for hand-building. Groups of up to 4 are ideal.


You may then book a glazing session or I will be happy to glaze to your choice and fire your finished work.


If possible, schedule your pottery session early on in your visit to Puglia, to allow time for drying and firing before you go home. Where necessary however, I have posted pots home to those who left before the final firing.


Workshops are priced at €50 per person per 3 hr session (am or pm). By agreement, finished pieces are posted worldwide at cost only (no additional charge for this service).


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